If you are already experienced, it will not be difficult for you to give an interview in Wagamama Restaurant, and you may easily answer most of the questions at Wagamama interview.

If you are going to start your career as a fresher at Wagamama or if you don’t have any idea what question could be asked in Wagamama interview so you should prepare the interview questions before you go ahead.

Wagamama Interview Questions
Headquarter:London, United Kingdom
Total interview Questions15+
Interviewer Type:The Flattered
Total Employees:5000 Estimated

Average Salaries At Wagamama

Wagamama Have 150 Restaurants in Different Locations In the United Kingdom and Employs up to 5000 Employees And they Generally Generate $342 Millions USD Per Year and the Average Salaries of popular Roles are given Bellow.

Job RoleSalaries Per Month
Line Cook$3,120
General Manager$6,149
Server/Waiter $3,536

Wagamama Interview Questions and Answers

Tell us about yourself?

This is important when you are interviewing for a job in the Restaurant you should ensure that you present yourself in a confident. you do not have to go into a huge amount of details. Talk a little bit about what your current role is, mention previous experience that is relevant to the job and the Restaurant you are applying for. this is the best chance to be very direct and share your objective. here is an example of how to answer this question effectively.

  • Current status: Talk about your current job experience and your achievements. for example, I am currently working at XYZ Restaurant. where I learned a lot of management skills. I also won several awards for my exceptional performance in solving customers’ problems.
  • Educational status: mention your academic details like, I recently completed my Master’s degree from ABC University . after my education I joined some management courses and learned a lot of skills. My first job at X Restaurant was a great experience and I have gained some pretty proud achievements while there.
  • Future goal: I have a passion for working with others to obtain a common goal and would love the chance to build a successful sales team.

Why should I hire You?

To better answer this question, you first need to understand why they ask it in the first place. by asking this question they usually get a general idea of what you are all about. focus on your most related Skills points and keep in mind that the hiring manager is asking you this question what they want to know is, what are you bringing to them if they hire you. here are some points that will help you to prepare your answer.

  • I have lots of experience working with people and making people happy is something i thrive on. I have a customer focused mindset and understand that your business won not operate successfully without happy and returning customers.
  • I have the right combination of skills and experience for this job. I also bring the additional quality of strong problem solving ability as shown by my previous work experience.
  • I understand that In customer service field you need to think from their point of view to match up their demands and requirements.
  • I am very flexible and hardworking, I also would be available to work extra hour if required.

What can you tell us about Wagamama?

Wagamama first opened its entryways in 1992 in London’s Bloomsbury. motivated by quick-moving, Japanese ramen bars and a festival of Asian food, Wagamama burst into life. they set off to make a one-of-a-kind method of eating. bringing the crisp, feeding, kinds of Asia to all.

  • Wagamama was founded in 1991 in United Kingdom.
  • Company Originally called as ”Naughty Child”
  • Wagamama have 150+ locations in United Kingdom.
  • Company Offer’s 15% off Wagamama Vouchers, Promo Codes & Discount Codes for the Customers.
  • ”Forever creating and making things better” is Slogan of Wagamama.

what can you tell us about Wagamama Competitors?

It will be very easy for you to understand that Wagamama is a British Restaurant Chain, Which is famous for its Fries Noodles fast foods. So remember their competitors will be the ones who are similar to them. The following is a list of Wagamama Competitors you can find more about them by searching on the internet.

What are Wagamama Core values or Mission Statement?

Each Restaurant has different Core values and based on that they are able to create an environment that makes their people Comfortable. The Core values of Wagamama are given below.

  • Never Afraid
  • Be Bold
  • Stand Out

Why do you want to Work at Wagamama?

  • What Engages You: Briefly tell the interviewer the real reason that engages you to Wagamama to choose as a Career Platform. Read the Job Description to find things that Improve your Interest to join Wagamama in order to prepare a True and Natural Answer.
  • Your Relevant Skills: As every Restaurant preffer the most Relevant and Skilled Candidate its a good Chance to Tell interviewer you are Capable to Work for the Job role you have applied because of you are Experienced and You love the Products of Wagamama and feels Wagamama is The Ideal place to Grow.

What is your Greatest Strength?

  • We will recommed you to read Job Description First to analyse which skills and Responsibilities are Important for this job.
  • After Noting the Required Skills and Responsibilities find out in which Responsibiliies you are completely Capable and these capabilities can be Good Strength in your Answer.
  • For Example you are Applying for and Order Booker your Communication skills Can be your Greatest Strength.

What is Your Greatest Weakness?

  • Honest: Don’t Try to hide informations about your weakness – If you do, it Will show the interviewer about you that you are not honest.
  • Be Carefull: Don’t Mention any of the Weakness in yourself that are essential for this job, Rather choose a weakness that is unnecessary.
  • Willing To solve: in the End Briefly Explain the interviewer about what steps you are taking to overcome these weakness and assure the interviewer these weakness will not Affect your Job.

How would you deal with Upset Customers?

  • If I see an Upset Customer in our Restaurant.
  • I will first try to find out the cause of the disturbance.
  • If the cause of this problem is due to our Restaurant, I will Immediately Apologize and try to fix the problem.
  • I will Show the Customer that we respect him.
  • In order to maintain the relationship beween Customer and Wagamama, i will continue to assist until the problem is resolved.

Where do you see yourself in the Next 5 years?

  • In the response of this question interviewer, the interviewer can see your experience Lavel behind your confidense.
  • Speak Thoughtfully: Keep your Answer Align and sustainable, if you are a team member in your Current Role, so you may became a team Leader in next 3 years. Find your future role by exploring Jobs at Wagamama career site.