First congratulations to you for the Interview Call from Sheraton hotel’s Job interview, we know you want to know what questions will be asked during the interview at Sheraton.

You will learn in this article, what questions Sheraton Hotels HR can Ask from you in the interview.

And a Detailed Guide on how you can possibly respond to these questions effectively.

Sheraton interview Questions

Sheraton Hotels and Resorts is a global semi-lavish inn network possessed by Marriott International.

Company:Sheraton Hotels
Headquarter:White Plains, New York, United States.
Total Interview question:16+
Interviewer Type:Ugly
Total Employees:145,000

Sheraton Hotels Employ 145,000 Employees in their up to 446 Hotels. they Roughly Generated $9.2 Billion per Year They Pay Average salaries ranging From $2,704 to $3,120.

Average Salaries at Sheraton Hotels company

Job Role Salaries Per Month
Front Desk Agent$2,704
Night Auditor$2,912
Line Cook $3,120
Cook $2,912
Room Attendant $2,496
Hotel Housekeeper$2,496

Sheraton Hotel interview Questions and Answers

Tell us about yourself?

You should begin the introduction by telling about yourself by mentioning your work and experience, Laval. it is also important to talk about your hobbies, skills, and extra-curricular activities.

Why did you leave your last job?

The interviewer from Sheraton HR may ask this question because they want to know,

  • If you were fired or did you quit the job by your own decision?
  • May you’re expecting to call back?
  • Why you are looking for a new job?
  • Did you leave the unresolved business with your previous company or coworkers?
  • What do you value in your work relationship?

Here is a sample of how to answer.

I enjoyed working in My previous Company * Hilton * but I wanted more opportunities for growth, so I moved on to the company Sheraton.

Why do you want to work at Sheraton?

  • I want to Work at Sheraton because this hotel chain is an international and fastest-growing chain.
  • I believe that with the right effort I can learn a lot and grow my career in this company.
  • I Much prefer Sheraton to any other hotel chain as my career platform because there are more opportunities for promotion.

What can you tell us about Sheraton Hotel?

  • Sheraton Hotel was founded by Ernest Henderson and Robert Moore.
  • The Parent Company of Sheraton hotel was Marriot International.
  • an interesting incident that happened in the history of Sheraton’s success was the sign Sheraton was too expensive to take down they named all the hotels Sheraton.
  • The hotel has a fitness program with core performance to accomplish this.
  • Their Rewards program is called the Sheraton Rewards.
  • They have no blackouts on free nights when it comes to the Sheraton app for smartphones, which is called SPG.
  • For More Details, it’s recommended for all candidates to Read More Details about Sheraton from their official sites.

How would you deal with upset customers?

  • As part of Sheraton hotel, if I contacted any upset customer I will attempt to find out the true cause of any dissatisfaction.
  • If it concerns one of our menu items, I will offer a replacement or refund.
  • It is my job to maintain a good relationship between the Guests and Sheraton hotel.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Prepare your Answer by following these tips that will help you to tailor the perfect answer that values.

  • Identify what’s your desired level of responsibility in five years?
  • Understand: Do you want to advance your career and take on more responsibility? or, would you like to remain in your current position?
  • Educate: Read Job Descriptions and about the company to understand Company Careers’ growth opportunities.
  • Prepare: Explore Jobs from the Official Site of Sheraton hotel that Stays Aligned with your Current job role if you are an Assistant manager you may become a Manager in the next few years.

What is your Greatest Weakness?

Things to say
Do not say

What is your biggest strength?

Telling about a weakness during a job interview can demonstrate three things about you, you are honest, you are self-aware and you have a plan to address your weakness, so explain these three points briefly to Correctly Response to these questions.

  • Show your Honesty: Show any of the weaknesses that are not important for this job like you can’t say No.
  • You are self-aware: Discuss this weakness and how this weakness affects your work-life like this habit causes waste of time.
  • Willing to Solve: Tell About your planning to solve this weakness and explain how you are managing this issue that minimizes the effect on your working schedule.

How would you define good customer service?

When answering this question keep in mind that your answer can change the game you are in or out so Prepare these techniques and try to understand.

Things not to say

Things to say