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As You are Excited to Know How Would your interview be. A job interview is an important part, and there can be a lot of competition. if You prepare well for the interview, So Getting your desired job in Sainsbury can be easy.

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Sainsbury’s interview questions

About Sainsbury’s Retailers

Sainsbury’s is the Largest Retail Chain in the United Kingdom, Sainsbury’s was founded in 1869 By John James Sainsbury Sainsbury became the largest Supermarket chain in 1922.

Company:j Sainsbury
Total Interview Questions:Up to 20 Questions
Interviewer type:The Flatterer or The Introvert
Total Employees:180,000 in 2021 Report

Average Salary in Sainsbury

Sainsbury has a Total of 180,000 Employees according to Resources in 2021 and made an Estimated 29.05 Billion in Revenue in 2021, They Pay Effective salaries Ranging From £850 to £1900 Per month To their Employees of Different Roles More Details Bellow. These listed salaries are average as reported.

Job TitleSalaries Per Month
Customer Service Representative£840
Team Leader£1,440
Customer Assistant£1,080
General Assistant£1,087
Counter Assistant£1,120
Deputy Manager£2,094
Retail General Associate£1,216

Sainsburys Interview Questions and Answers Guide

1. Tell us about your self?

  • Don’t Start by telling your name because interviewer readed your name on Resume, and Don’t say ( so, um ) kind of these. Your Answer Should be Related to your work Experience, example you are applying for Cashier job so you should explain you experience about this job. Keep your introduction Short
  • Mention all your Top achievements Related to your Work Experience

Sample Answer of Sainsburys interview Questions:

These Are Samples answers just for ideas!

  • I am Graduated From (xyz) College in (Year).
  • I worked Hard in my Education and Achieved good results.
  • I have around 4 years work Experience as (Cashier) and had Deep Skills to solve the Problems.
  • I am responsible to restock shelves and Cleaning the Areas to Run our store efficiently

2. Why do you want to work at Sain’sbury?

Mention any skill that makes you unique and Briefly Explain that Sainsbury is the right place for you. Mention the skill that you originally had. You may have any skills from the Following.

Sample Answer:

  • Math / Money Handling
  • Product Knowledge
  • Sales Skills
  • Active listening
  • Customers service skills

If you have deep product knowledge of Sainsbury’s so your answer should be like,

  • I am Actively using Sainsburys because i have deep knowledge about sainsburys Products Quality,
  • I am Very familiar to Sainsburys products, and Can guide customers expresively.

3. What is your greatest Strength?

Your Biggest Strength Could be the natural habit and the skills you are good in, “skill can be Hardworking, ability to work under pressure and more examples bellow, So you need to present these Strengths Briefly to your recruiters

Sample Answers:

  • Problem Solving
  • Punchual
  • Hard working
  • Good At more then one tasks
  • Detailed oriented

4. What is your greatest weakness?

Do not Denny that you don’t have any weakness if Sainsbury’s interviewer asks about your greatest weakness especially in supermarkets jobs, you have to describe your original weakness related to your Job. also describe you have a solution to overcome this weakness

Sample Answer

  • The Greatest weakness could be you can’t work underpresure.
  • You feel trouble of doing multitasking.
  • You have lack of Experience in this job because you recently finish education and apply for First job – and you will soon cover this issue.

Question about Company

Remember interviewer can ask questions about the Company. By asking this question interviewer try to understand you are not from those job seekers who applied for jobs randomly, so be prepared and understand the General about Sainsbury Interview Questions retails.

5. What can you tell us About Sainsburys

Explain only the General information that every single can know if he/she Frequent buyer from Sainsbury’s

About Sainsbury’s

  • They are among the biggest supermarkets in the United Kingdom.
  • The company was established in 1869.
  • There are more than 90,000 products available at Sainsbury’s.
  • The company’s philosophy is based by five principles that include most suitable for health and food by sourcing responsibly and respect for the environment as well as making a positive impact to the local community, and is a wonderful workplace.

6. Do you know about Sainsburys competitors

If some want to Work in Supermarket for Their logical Skills reason he must know about The Other Supermarkets as Well. so it necessary to answer this question with some name of real competitors of Sainsbury in the united kingdom

Sample answers

  • Sainsburys has some Competitors including ASDA, Iceland, Waitrose, Tesco, Morrisons, and ALDI.
  • Tesco, and Morrisons are Working Good in their way these 2 retailers can Be Consider as Sainsbury’s Competitors

7. How Would you define a Good Customer services?

Explaining About Customer services in A Job interview in Sainsbury’s can Means You are in or Out So Be Prepare and Read Some Sample Answers about this Question.

Things not To Say:

  • Don’t add any negative explainations about customer services.
  • Don’t share any Previous bad Experience with customer if you had.

Sample Answers:

  • The Biggest ishu is Customer don’t want to wait long time in row while checkout if we had good solution for saving the time to Provide Good Customer service at Checkout.
  • A smily and Friendly attitude with customers,
  • I believe that providing excellent customer service is exceeding expectations. It is a matter of having a deep understanding of the inventory in the store to assist customers make the right choice.

8. How Would You Deal With a Upset Customer?

You can Face Many Customers Upset or Angry for Their Personal Reason and can React unexpected to you in Sainsburys or even in any Supermarket, Your responsibility is to deal with this kind of Customer With These Strategies, Read bellow and Decide your Answer.

Samples for Answer

  • Let the customer listen and speak up.
  • Show the customer that you value them.
  • Don’t blame the client or the business.
  • Do your best to resolve the issue or find someone else who is able to help.
  • Don’t make promises you won’t keep.
  • In the end, it’s crucial not to take the incident personally. If you are upset, you’ll take it to the next customer.

9. We have Many years of Reputation why Should we Give The Job to you?

As here Interviewers Asks Why Sainsbury’s hire you! Here Take a Deep Breath And React Confident, Talk About Your Previous Customer Service Experience and Discuss The Jobs Requirement that Matched with your experience, You can talk about your loyalty to your duties and then Describe that you are a perfect match for this Job.

Sample Answer:

  • From Last many Years i have build lot of Experience in Customer services and Gained much information that how to deal Customers and feel them Comfortable to shop from our Store, My resume has Strong Match to the Jobs requirement i believe i am perfect match to this job.

10. why customers service is so important according to you

Best Customer Service is the key to a successful business.

  • Improve’s Customers Trust.
  • Good Customer service can Increase returning customers.
  • Impressed and comfortable customers spend more on each Visit.

11. How whould You define the ” Exelent Customer Services? “

Sample Answers

  • Customers don’t have to wait for long periods of time when they go to the check-out You should Answer any Solution of This ishu.
  • The staff Should be friendly and always ready to assist the customer in finding the information he or she requires.
  • The display in the store is well maintained and well presented, with an adequate stock.

12. Tell us about a time you went above and beyond for a customer?

This Behave with Customer can Be Great strategy to convert new Customers to regular customers, Explain any event when Customer demanded thing was not available During your Previous Job, and you went to other Store To Buy that thing for your Customer. Explain in the Best way you Can.

Sample Answer:

  • When i was working in Tesco Retail many time i went above and boyond for many customer if some thing Customers want and unfortunately that thing had Out of stock, i Personally Went out and buy those things to Avail Customer with in our Retail store.

13. Where do you See Your Self in Five Years?

Answer for This Question Can Be any destination you are dreaming of in the Retail Field if you have no idea Explore Jobs in Sainsbury’s and Find out any job that matches your qualifications and prepare an answer for this.

Sample Answer:

  • If you are Applying for a Sales Man You can See your Self as Trading Assistant in 5 years

14. How did you find this job?

The Right Answer Should be you are always connected with Sainsbury’s official jobs site and explore for jobs much time this will show the interviewer you are actively willing to work with Sainsbury’s so answer to this question will be effective

Sample Answer:

  • I am Actively finding for work on sainsburys from a long time and following Jobs at Sainsbury’s jobs site.

15. What Hours Can You work?

If this Question is Based on Shift Timing the best answer would be I can Work on Any Shift that has a vacant position, even I would like to work extra hours or on Holidays.

16. If you could be one animal what would you be

This Question means a lot pass light smile and answer this question, By asking this question interviewer judges your choice inside your Personality.

Sample Answers:

  • I Would be a Monkey” Because monkeys are Problems Solvers and inteligent.
  • I Would be an ant” Because Ants are hard Workers.
  • I Would be a Dolphin” Because Dolphins are Smart.

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