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Penneys Interview Questions
Penneys Interview Questions
Headquarter:Boston, Massachusetts, United States.
Total interview questions:17+
Interviewer Type:N/A
Total Employees:846

Penneys Salaries Overview:

Penneys Has 846 Stores in Different Areas of the United States, There are 60,000 Active Employees are Working in. Estimated Penneys Generate $829 Millions Revenue per year and Pay Effective salaries to Their Employees listed Bellow.

Job RoleSalaries Per Month
Truck Driver$5,824
Logistics Agent$5,333
Equipment Operator$4,368
Regional Operations Manager$5,583
Concrete Truck Driver$6,240

Penneys Interview Questions and Answers

Tell us About Yourself?

As Penneys is Fast Fashion Retailors, they Definitely Seeking Employees who meet their needs. This question is very important, Your answer Will Divide you between Preferred Candidates and Rejected Candidates. Here you need to show, who you are, How you have the most relevant experience as Penneys needs, and How much You hard work to contribute to your Role. Here we Divided the answer into 3 Steps to understanding the answer. For Example, if You are Applying for a Trainee Manager Role At Penney’s, “Your Most Perfect Introduction Should Be like this.

  • Current Role: I Worked in Burlington Stores for 5 years as a Sales manager. I did a lot of services there, and gain very valuable experiences and ever-green skills. Including, Excellently Driving and Monitoring Sales. I can Analyze the sales reports and responsibly ensure all the targets are met.
  • Academic History: I have Done My MBA From The Dublin Business School, During my Job, I did Some Sales and Management Short Courses from Well know institutes in Dublin.

What is your Greatest Strength?

The interviewer of Penneys wants to know about your skills which are essential for Penneys. Let’s show your experience that you have worked before at any fashion store and state how much you are achievable for their work. You have to represent the skills that are specially required for Penneys like Communication skills:

  • My Biggest Strength is my communication skill.
  • I have 2 years’ experience at a Fashion store and I can encourage customers very politely.
  • I uniquely interact with the customers and easily understand what they want.

What is your Greatest Weakness?

Telling your Weakness will engage the interviewer’s attention to you. But follow the right pattern that will help you to win this job. Find out a Weakness in you that is not essential for this job position. For example, if you are applying for a Project Manager Job your Answer should be.

  • Honest: Sharing your Weakness Will Show the interviewer you are honest and explain what you detect in yourself.
  • Self-awareness: Sharing about your Weakness Also Shows the interviewer that you know the things, that you feel need to be improved in you.
  • Willing to solve: After Sharing your Weakness You have stated your strategy to solve the issue of this weakness.

What can you tell us about Penneys?

Do you know any detail about Penneys, If Yes how much do you know about this Company? The More Detailed Knowledge you had About this Company the More perfectly you can Answer this question Here Some General and Most Important Information is listed about Penneys.

  • Penneys was founded in 1969 in Dublin, Ireland.
  • The company has 846 stores in 2019.
  • The company offers 20% Penneys Coupons, Codes + 1% Cashback for the customers.
  • Love lip liners, Contouring Crayons, Makeup Brush cleansers, and Eye Lashes, are the Best Products of Penneys.
  • ”Every day matters” is the slogan of Penneys.

What can you tell us about the Competitors of Penneys?

Penneys is a multinational fast-fashion retailer company that is growing really fast and had 78,000 Active employees they also have Competitors in the fast fashion market, “Answering this Question with confidence will Positively Attract the interviewer, To understand that you are a Professional in the fashion field.

  • J.C Penney
  • Burlington stores
  • Macy’s
  • Target
  • Kohl’s

Why do you want to work at Penney’s?

The hiring manager of Penneys wants to know three things from you. 1) Core Reasons that inspire you to work at Penney’s. 2) The things you can do better which are specific to working at Penney’s. 3) How can you help Penneys to grow your role in this job? If you are applying for sales supervisor your answers are like this;

  • What engages you: pence should have always done their business in their own way and always will. Penneys give the opportunity of health and wellness, retirement, and disability insurance to their employees.
  • Related skills and Your experience: I have communication skills that can engage customers and I have also 2 years of experience at a fashion store as a sales representative.
  • Your contribution: I am experienced as a sales supervisor and I can easily grow my career with Penny’s. I should give better customer service to Penneys customers.

What are the Core values of Penneys?

Your answer to this Question will cleanly allow the interviewer to judge You are Closely touched with Penneys
and you can be Qualified for this job. If the hiring manager of Penneys asked this question you need to answer this Question by following these Guidelines.

  • Customer Values
  • Diversity
  • Collaboration
  • Honesty

Why Do you want to Work at Penney’s?

If you know why you want to join Penneys That is Great, “Follow these Rules to prepare your answer that meets the interviewer’s expectations. You need to show the reason that encourages you to join Penneys. Mention your Experience that you can utilize in Penneys. in the last show how you can utilize your Skills in Penneys as you expect. For Example, if someone is Interviewed for a Sales Team member in Penneys how the Good Answer should be?

  • What Engages you: Read about the Benefits of Penneys and what facilities Penneys offers to Their Sales Team, May you like the Way Penneys Offer Career growth opportunities, Insurance Coverage, etc.
  • Relevant Skills & Experience: Mention the main Skills that you feel should be the best match for this job, Skills can be You are best in Communications.
  • Your Contributions: Lastly Show how you are confident, and how will you contribute to Penneys based on your skills and experience related to sales in retails.

Where do you see yourself in the Next 5 years?

The interviewer asks this Question to judge your future goals & and your confidence in your skills. You should answer this Question by following the Steps Bellow that helps you to tailor the best answer. For example, if you have applied for Sale Team Leader your answer should be.

  • Your Career Objectives: I have worked for 3 years at Kohl’s, and worked in almost all sales areas. And I have Good Leadership Skills.
  • Strategies to Achieve Goals: I learned a lot after working with many peoples, “I can successfully lead A team of almost every kind of team member and Lead my team for maximum Profitability.
  • Future Role: I am Seeing myself as a Sales Manager in the next 4 years at Penney’s.

How Would you define Good Customer service?

Explaining About Customer services in A Job interview in Penneys can Means You are in or Out So Be prepared and Read Some Sample Answers to this Question.

Things not To Say:

  • Don’t add any negative explanations about customer service.
  • Don’t share any Previous bad Experiences with customers if you had.

You can Say:

  • The Biggest issue is Customers don’t want to wait a long time in a row while checkout if we had a good solution for saving time to Provide Good Customer service at Checkout.
  • A smilly and Friendly attitude with customers,
  • I believe that providing excellent customer service is exceeding expectations. It is a matter of having a deep understanding of the inventory in the store to assist customers to make the right choice.

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