Congratulation on having an interview with Old Navy Fashion Retailers it is recommended that you to have read all these interview questions before attending the interview which will help you to answer these questions in the interview confidentially.

You will Learn the most Reported interview questions on the old Navy by the employees of Old Navy and Complete a guide on how to answer these questions Excellently.

Old Navy Interview questions
Old Navy Interview Guide
Company:Old Navy
Headquarters:San Francisco, California, United States.
Total Interviews Questions:16+
Interviewer Type:N/A
Total Employees:117,000

Here are some Examples of Interview Questions for Old Navy

Tell us about yourself?

Introduce yourself to the interviewers in a professional way, and be straight and valid when describing yourself in a job interview. Tell the only information you want to convey, Begin by talking about past job experience and achievements. here are some points that will help describe yourself more effectively.

  • Current Status: I am an experienced salesman working in XYZ company for the last 3 years, working in sales helped me to build confidence and have developed strong motivational skills. Now I want to groom my experience and increase my knowledge.” Old Navy” is the best plate form where I can learn more and utilize various skills.
  • Educational History: I am a graduate of ABC college, and have completed my Master’s degree from XYZ university. after my education, I completed some special training courses related to sales and management fields.
  • Personal: I am a proactive salesman with 3 years of experience, I am known for being a well-organized team player. my communication skill helps me to engage customers. with this experience, I am looking for an opportunity to take the next step in my career.

Why should I hire you?

This is an important question that almost everyone gets asked. It is important to provide the interviewer with evidence of how you achieve success in the workplace. you should possess a combination of skills and experiences that make you stand out. your response is also a good indicator of how humble you are or not, Aim to talk about positive and meaningful achievements. Highlight your top achievements and success, these qualities are important for entry-level hiring.

  • I can take all responsibilities when required, I can do the work and deliver exceptional results to the company.
  • I am capable of handling difficult customers, I genuinely enjoy interacting with customers and helping them.
  • I believe I have the skills and experience to fulfill your company’s requirements.
  • I am flexible and passionate to learn new things.
  • I enjoy facing challenges.

What can you tell us about Old Navy?

Do you know any detail about Old Navy, If Yes how much do you know about this Company? The More Detailed Knowledge you had About this Company the More perfectly you can Answer this question Here Some General and Most Important Information is listed about Old Navy.

Old Navy is an American clothing and adornments retailing organization claimed by the global company Gap Inc. It has corporate activities in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco, California.

  • Old Navy was founded on 11 March 1994 in California, United States.
  • Old Navy was originally called ”Gap Warehouse”
  • The company has 1,106 stores in the United States.
  • The company offers Discount Coupons & Promo Codes to attract Customers.
  • Face masks, Cozy jeans, and v-necks are the best products of old Navy.
  • ”Ready, Urgent, Approachable” is slogan of Old Navy.

What are the Core Values of the Old Navy?

Your answer to this Question will cleanly allow the interviewer to judge You are Closely touched with Old Navy
and you can be Qualified for this job. If the hiring manager of Old Navy asked this question you need to answer this Question by following these Guidelines.

  • inclusive
  • Opportunity
  • Sustainable

What can you tell us about the Old Navy Competitors?

Old Navy is an American clothing and retailing company that is growing really fast and had 129,000 Active employees they also have Competitors in the American Market, “Answering this Question with confidence will Positively Attract the interviewer, To understand that you are a Professional in the Company field.

  • Kohl’s
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Gap Inc
  • Uniqlo
  • J.Crew

Why do you want to work at Old Navy?

Telling the Real Reasons that encourage you to work at Old Navy will apart you a Legitimate candidate from all other Random Applicants so follow these steps to answer as interviewers are expecting.

  • What Engages you: it’s recommended that you read the Old Navy Career page and especially read how they facilitate their employees Like You know Deep Details about their products. Find the Best things that attract you.
  • Your Skills: You can Tailor the Most relevant skills that are required for the job role, and mention how you are well polished and how you feel Old Navy is the Best Platform that offers massive growth in your career.
  • Your Contribution: In the Last Mention how You will serve Old Navy, Using the Skills you are an expert in and why you feel you are the best match for this Job role at Old Navy.

What is your Greatest Strength?

  • Your Biggest Strength in Old Navy Could Be your communication skills or your customer service.
  • Read the job Description of the role you are fit for.
  • Find out the main Responsibilities and tailor the required skills as your Strength in the answer.
  • Sample: My Biggest Strength is my Communication Skills, I had Deep Knowledge about Old Navy Products and I can Communicate well with every customer to assist them well.

What is Your Greatest Weakness?

When you answer this question your honesty matters, “but be careful don’t add any Weakness that is required for working at Old Navy, for example. If you are applying for a sales Associate the required skills should be your communication skills, and your weakness can be, something that is not important but part of your work.

  • Honest: Tell the interviewer about any of your weaknesses that you feel you are not comfortable with, in sales Associates Your weakness can be you feel nervous during answering questions from Customers.
  • Self-Awareness: Mentioning how this weakness affects work and how you manage this weakness show’s the interviewer you are well aware.
  • Willing to Solve: At the end of this question, “Must mention how you are planning to overcome this issue tell them you are attending some communication classes, or you are following some strategies that help you to overcome this issue, and soon you will tackle this issue.

How did you find this job?

Tell the interviewer that you are actively visiting the Old Navy Job portal to find the Best Fit Role for you, and Finally you find this job, after reading the job responsibilities I find myself capable of this job.

How would you deal with Difficult customers at Old Navy?

This is another opportunity to show that you are well polished in the Core Required skill ( Customer Services ) of Old Navy, the Well brief answer will apart you from other customers.

  • Whenever I come across any upset or Confused customer, I will try to understand the cause through communication.
  • I will show the customer that Old Navy Care’s Customers.
  • If there is product related issue I will offer a Replacement or solution by following old Navy Policies.
  • If the Customer is Angry, I will Listen and let him go.

Old Navy Salaries Overview

Old Navy Has 1,106 Stores in Different Areas of the United States, There are 117,000 Active Employees Working. Estimated Koh’s generates $4 Billions in Revenue per year and Pays Effective salaries to Their Employees listed Bellow.

Job RoleSalaries Per Month
Sales Associate$1,872
Order Picker$3,952
Product Specialist $2,704
Sales Representative$1,872
Stocking Associate$3,120
Retail Sales Associate$2,080
Seasonal Associate$2,080

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