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London Drugs interview questions
Company:London Drug
Headquarter:Richmond, Canada.
Total Interview Questions:10+
Interviewers Type:N/A
Total Employees:8000

Salaries Overview

London Drug has 8,000 Active Employees in their Stores in Canada, Family Dollar Makes $684.6 Millions USD in Revenue and Pay Competitive salaries between $2,496 USD to $4,784 USD per month.

Job Role Salaries Per Month
Pharmacy Assistant$3,120
Customer Service Representative$2,496
Department Manager$4,784
Sales Representative$2,912

London Drugs Interview Questions and Answers

Tell us about your self?

Introducing yourself in a job interview at London Drugs Should Be consists of the Best ways to answer this question by following these rules. First Discuss your Work and Experiences and top Achievements, then you should talk about your academic history. And in the last, you need to explain how you are prepared to utilize your experiences in London Drugs. Let’s Suppose you are Applying for Team Leader at London Drugs your Answer should Be like this.

  • Work & Experiences: I worked 8 Years in Tapp water as a Team Leader and a Learned lot of Team Leader Skills. I am Expert in Problem Solving, Managing Team Conflict Situations, I am an Expert in delegating tasks. and can Represent a Positive Attitude.
  • Academic History: I completed my Graduation from McMaster University and Started Working at Tapp Water, as a Team Member, During work I enrolled in Leadership courses from the University of Toronto and Discovered many Leadership skills.
  • Personal: As I Have a lot of experience and knowledge working as a Team leader in Drug medical-related companies I am Sure I can serve London Drugs inNew way.

What can you tell us About London Drugs?

Do you know any detail about London Drugs, If Yes how much do you know about this Company? The More Detailed Knowledge you had About this Company the More perfectly you can Answer this question Here Some General and Most Important Information is listed about London Drugs.

London Drugs Limited is a Canadian retail drug store chain situated in Richmond, British Columbia. As of June 2021, the chain has 78 stores in the areas of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

  • London drugs were founded in 1945 in Vancouver, Canada.
  • The company was originally called ”Small drugstore”
  • London Drugs has 82 Stores.
  • The company offers 10% off London Drugs Coupons & 4 Promo Codes for customers.
  • Appliances, cameras, Toys, and Beauty products are the best products of London Drugs.
  • ”Do it bigger and do it better” is the slogan of London Rugs.

Why Should I hire you?

This Question is Very common in Every Retail Job interview in this question interviewer wants to know about, that did you have abilities to handle the responsibilities you are being hired for, So it’s simple for you to read the Job description on London Drugs Job Site and find out what are the duties you will need to do in this job, “and find the Core skills that are required and Tailor Your Answer by following guidelines. Suppose you are Applying for Cashier Role Your Answer should be.

  • Core Skill: I have a lot of Experience in Customer Service and I Can provide a Friendly Experience to any Customer.
  • Product Knowledge: I have Deep knowledge of London Drugs Health And Personal Care Products with their specifications and Prices. and can answer any Product related Questions if the Customer seeks information.
  • I can Provide an excellent buying experience to our customers, I feel this Position is the Best match for my skills.

What can you tell us about London drugs Competitors?

London Drugs is a Canadian Drug Chain that is Growing really fast and had 8000+ Active employees. The company also has Competitors in the Canadian Market, “Answering this Question with confidence will Positively Attract the interviewer, To understand that you are a Professional in the Drug field.

  • Make it Real
  • Tapp Water
  • Pacsafe & U Brands

What is your Greatest Strength?

The hiring manager of London Drugs asks this question because they want to know if you know about your strength Related to Drug Retail, Try to explain the Time when you used this skill because the Interviewer wants to know how you are realistic in your skills. You have to discuss Work-related Skill that is Primarily Required for the Job at London Drug Retail Like Organization Skills.

  • My Greatest Strength is My Organization Skills.
  • I learned a lot from my work experience and I can Manage a Big team very well.
  • I Can handle team members’ conflict situations and change a stressful environment into a peaceful one.

What is Your Greatest Weakness?

By asking this Question interviewer at London Drugs can Discover 3 things from you, Your Honesty, Self Awareness, And your Willing to improve, During Answering this Question Remember don’t Deny that you don’t have any weaknesses But Avoid discussing any Core Required Skills as Weaknesses.

  • Honest: I feel Trouble handling multiple tasks.
  • Self Awareness: I notice when I need to handle team members and customers So often I feel a lot of Trouble, But I am dedicatedly focusing on this issue can be solved.
    • Willing to solve: I am attending some business training, and watching motivational lectures dedicated to handling multitasks I am discovering many things and learning a lot I feel I will overcome this issue very soon.

    Why Do you want to Work at London Drugs?

    By asking this question the hiring manager of London Drugs is Going to know three things from you, 1) what are the main things that encourage you to work with London Drugs, 2) The things you can do better in the specific job at London Drugs, 3) How you can help the company to Grow from you specific role. If you are applying for Sales Supervisor your answer should be like this.

    • What Engages you: London drugs are Canada’s Fastest-Growing Chain and Provide Very satisfying career growth opportunities including Medical, Dental, And Vision Insurance to a Sales Supervisor, that is why I prefer London Drugs to Grow.
    • Relevant Skills And Experience: I Have a Unique Leadership Style and am Experienced in Communication I can Provide Excellent Customer Service, and I read in the job description these Skills are required for this job That’s why I find myself the best match.
    • Your Contribution: from my experience, I am Well Prepared and aware of all Sales supervisor duties, I can work hard for London drugs because I know all about their products and can perform my responsibilities very well including, All General Stores Operations, Providing Excellent Customer Service.

    Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

    The interviewer of London Drugs asks this Question to Know how you will Obtain your Objective how long you want to be a part of London Drugs, What are your Strategies to achieve your Goals, and How you see this Job role getting promoted, Suppose you are interviewing for Sales Service Stock & Cashier At London Drugs Follow this guideline to tailor your answer.

    • The Career Objective: I am Experienced in Sales Service and I learned Lot from My Experience, I worked in General housekeeping, Between Sales Stocking.
    • Your Strategy to achieve Goals: I learned many skills and upselling is one of the key skills, that help to sell New Products to the Company.
    • Future Role: I am joining as a Sale Service stock & Cashier, I will participate in Promotional opportunities I believe I can be a Sales manager in the next 4 Years.

    How Would You Define Excellent Customer Service?

    Customer service means a lot to London Drugs and Experience in Customer service is Core Requirement in many job positions. Follow these guidelines to prepare your answer.

    • Good Customer Service help to increase London Drug’s trust and Values.
    • Excellent Customer Service Results in More sales and Returning Customers.
    • Perfect Customer Service Protects our Business from Failure.

    If you could be one animal what would you be?

    This Question means a lot pass a light smile and answer this question to the hiring manager. By asking this question interviewer of London Drugs have access to judge your Personality.

    • I Would be a Dolphin” Because Dolphins are Smart.
    • Monkey” Because monkeys are Problems Solvers and intelligent.
    • and” Because Ants are hard Workers.

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