Congratulation on having an interview invitation from the Five below. But the joining is ahead of the Interview Questions.

But don’t worry we are here to guide you on how to pass the Five Below interview, by preparing all questions to guide you through our expert Answers.

You will learn about the 10 most common questions that are mostly asked in this interview and a Detailed Guide for how to respond to these questions.

five below interview questions
Company:Five Below
Headquarter:Pennsylvania, United States
Total Interview Questions:10+
Interviewer Type:The bully
Total Employees:1600

Five Below Interview Questions and Answers

Tell us About yourself?

Keep in mind in this Answer, “you should Completely Represent yourself in your words. The more relevant your introduction to the role helps you to win this job at Five Below. To Reach Interviewer Expectations follow these rules to Answer correctly. You will Cover your Current Role, Educational history & Top achievements, and experience.6

  • Present: For example, your have applied for “Customer Experience Manager” Read Job Description and job role of Customer Experience manager and Start your introduction to Brief about your Current Experience Laval as managing Good Customer Service.
  • Academic History: Telling About all your Top Achievements in Education is Good but don’t Forget to mention The Related Education, like Related Courses Diplomas or extra Trainings That Relates to “Customer Experience management”.
  • Personal: As you have readed Job Description and Responsibilities about your Role in Five Below, Brief how well you can Handle these Responsibilities in store.

Tell us About your Previous Experience?

  • First Read Jobs Description of five below Very Carefully,
  • Now Deeply tailor your Answer according to the Job Role,
  • Mention Responsibilities you Experienced Related to the current role.
  • Review your Resume Back and Read What experiences you mentioned,
  • Try to mention the most Relevant Experience

Why do you want to Work at Five Below?

You may have a legit reason to join Five Below for your desired Role, ” We suggest you Tailor the right answer that will apart you from other candidates here are some guidelines to follow then you will be able to create the right answer for yourself.

  • What Engages you: Read the Five Below Career page and Find For perks or Any favorable things they provide to their employees, then find out what really encourages you to join Five below as a legit Reason.
  • Relevant Skills: Here is another way to Answer this question by Showing your Natural skills that makes you fit for the role you desired to apply for.
  • Sample Answer: I have 3 years of experience as a Manager in Walmart, I like the way Five below offers Career Advancement opportunities, and i am sure i am Capable for this role and fit for the position thats why i want to join Five below as a career Platform.

Tell us about the competitors of Five Below?

Five Below is an American chain of specialty discount stores and they had many stores. Five Below has Some competitors including Target and some others. Target is an American Big box department Store chain. More competitors list is given below you should take some research on these too.

  • Amazon
  • Best Buy
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Dollar Tree

What is your Greatest Strength?

Your Best skills can Be your Strength. or Something Special in you that helps to boost your workflow or makes you comfortable during work, But answering this Question should be related to the work Responsibilities or related to the required skills. to find Related Strengths to the job role read the Job Description and Prepare Right Answer.

  • Find Related Skills: To Find Right Skills that you can Mention as Strength, Read Job Description carefully and Find Required skills, For Example if you are applying for a Customer Experience Manager, Your Strength Could Be your Leading Skills.

What is your Greatest Weakness?

Telling about your Weakness is the Right Choice. Many People are Disqualified because they sometimes deny that they had no weakness. Follow these guidelines.

  • Do not say: Don’t mention any Weakness that is required for this job, Try to Mention any non-essential weakness that can be manageable.
  • Finding Weakness: Read the job description at Five below Find out Essential skills, and Keep in mind these skills should not be in your weaknesses.
  • Sample: Examine Right Weakness For example These Weaknesses you can share in the interview at Five below, can be, 1. Trouble in asking no, 2. Lack of Confidence, 3. I can’t Communicate with the public.
  • Willing to Solve: Remember after Discuss about your Weakness must talk about the solution, tell the interviewer you are following Strategies to overcome this weakness.

What can you tell us about Five Below?

During the Five Below Interview job, the hiring manager must want to know, how much information you have about the company, Because your answer will help the hiring manager to judge that you really followed the company for a long time to start a career in.

Five Below Inc. is an American chain of forte bargain retailers that sell items that expense up to $5, in addition to a little arrangement of items from $6 to $25. Established by Tom Vellios and David Schlessinger and settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the chain is focused on tweens and teenagers.

  • Five Below was founded in 4 October 2002.
  • Let go & have fun is the new name of Five Below.
  • The company has 1,200 stores in 40 states.
  • Five Below offers coupons and promo Codes for the customer.
  • Bey-blade Toys & accessories, DC comic Toys, Clothing & accessories, and Disney Toys & Products are the best Products of Five below!
  • ”Let go & have fun” is slogan of Five below.

What is the Mission Statement of Five Below?

Five Below is an American chain that sells toys & cloth products. They are based on the missions are given below.

  • Five Below means you never have to pay than $5 for the coolest.
  • Trendiest.
  • Highest quality stuff you just gotta have.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

as every top Retail Five below also want to hire the right employee who can contribute their role with confidence and prove profitable for Five below, here you need to show your skills and confidence that how you focus on your future role.

  • Think and Speak: React to this Question with confidence and Show excitement, Keep aligning your Future Position with your Current Role. For example, if you are currently joining Five below as an Assistant manager in the next 3 years you can be a Manager

Are you flexible in your working schedule?

here you don’t need to lie for getting this job, Tell what hours you can work, Showing flexibility will increase the chances of getting this job if you can work for extra hours Then mention your flexibility.

  • For Students: I am Flexible in working hours but currently, I am taking some management classes after My working Schedule on Five Below, I may be available after the completion of these courses.
  • For Flexible Candidates: Yes I can work extra hours, Because I worked for 3 years at Walmart and I know sometimes companies need employees extra hours to manage things, I always will be present when a company needs me.

Salaries Overview at Five Below

Five Below has 1600+ Active Employees, in their Store from 1000+ Locations, Five Below has $1890 Millions Revenue per Years, They Pay Average Salaries of Five Below Ranging Between $2000 to $6000 USD per Month.

Job Role Salaries Per Month
Assistant Store Manager$3,120
Seasonal Associate$2,288
Sales Associate$2,080
Sales Lead$2,080
Order Picker$6,348
Retail Assistant Manager$2,496