If you are Experienced or had sufficient Customer Services Skills then you are going to Enjoy this Interview at Dunnes Stores, “You will Learn which Questions Could be asked in the interview at Dunnes Stores, Including Questions About Customer services, and About Your Experiences, You will also learn how to Answer these Questions to Win the job.

Dunnes Stores Interview questions
Company:Dunnes Store
Headquarter:Cork, Ireland.
Total Interview Questions:Up to 20 Questions.
Interviewer type:The Flatterer or The Introvert.
Total Employees:15,000

Average Salary in Dunnes Stores

Dunnes Stores has a Total of 15,000 Employees according to Resources in 2020 and an Estimated $4.08 Billion in Revenue in a total of 2021, They Pay Effective salaries Ranging From €2,577 to €4,773 Per month To their Employees of Different Roles More Details Bellow. These listed salaries are average as reported.

Job RolesSalaries Per Month
Retail Manager€3,024
Security Manager€2,917
Retail Store Manager€3,308
Human Resources (HR) Manager€3,106
Supermarket Store Manager€4,773
Human Resources (HR) Administrator€2,577
Retail Department Manager€2,849

Dunnes Stores Interview Questions And Answers

Tell us About your Self?

  • Tell About Your Current Experience and Role Status
  • Keep you answer align and related to the job
  • Talk About your Previous work experience and about all your achievement in work and Education life.
  • You can talk about your Hobbies.
  • Keep Your Introduction short within 2 – 3 mins only.

Why Should i hire you?

Dunnes Stores believes to invest in Employees, and Providing many career progression opportunities to their employees, in this question hiring manager wants to know, What do you have real skills that you believe can be utilized in the position you are applying for, I suggest you read the Job Description again and read required Skills.

  • Tell the interviewer, “You have Skills that are required for this positions”
  • Next” Your Skills Are well polished and you can utilize these skills expressively on this job role.

What can you tell about Dunnes stores?

During the Dunnes job interview, the hiring manager must want to know, how much information you have about Dunnes Stores, Because your answer will help the hiring manager to judge that you really followed the company for a long time to start a career.

Dunnes Stores is an Irish global corporate store that basically sells food, garments, and family products. Notwithstanding its primary client base in Ireland, the chain additionally has activities in Spain, and previously in England and Scotland.

  • Dunnes Stores was founded in 1944 or Cork, Ireland.
  • Company originally called as Drapers shop.
  • Dunnes Stores has 142 stores throughout Ireland.
  • Company offers Dunnes Stores Discount code.
  • ”Better Value” is slogan of Dunnes Stores.

What is your Greatest Strength?

In this question, the interviewer wants to learn whether you are a good fit for the role you are interviewing for. The goal of the interviewer is to pick out the best skills needed to succeed in the job. So You have to discuss your skills as your strength that match for job’s needs and set you apart from the other candidates.
Some of the sample answers are given below:

  • If Applying for Sales Team – My biggest strength is My Customer service as i have 8 years of work experience and Deeply Deal Customers with care.
  • My Biggest Strenth is My ethic skill That helps me to works well under pressure in a hard situation.

What is Your Greatest Weakness?

Weakness is Common in Humans’ So you can’t say you don’t have any Weakness so before facing this question in an interview Prepare it right now. your weakness Can Be Anything like you feel trouble asking for help. mention how you had planned to solve this weakness, Don’t Add primary skill as a weakness that is required for this position, see examples”

  • Yes i feel trouble to ask for help, and i preffer to handle the situation, but now i notice i am overcoming this issue, (Explain how you are resolving this weakness)
  • Yes, Some time i feel trouble when something i need to done quickly, i am Trying to overcome this issue And Much Prepared about

Tell us about the competitors of Dunnes Stores?

Dunnes Stores is a supermarket chain and they had 142 stores. Dunnes Stores has Some competitors including PARKnSHOP and some others. PARKnSHOP is one of the top supermarket chains. More competitors list is given below you should take some research on these too.

  • Zalando
  • Phase Eight
  • Spinneys

Why do you want to work at the Dunnes stores?

In this question, you need to assure the interviewer that you are experienced in communication with customers. And had Deep Knowledge about Dunnes Stores Products, Brief hiring Manger that working on Dunnes is the only Best option for you, And you want to Spend yourwork life and want to Grow with Dunnes Stores because of Their Great Advantages for Employees.

  • I know i have all skills and enough experience that your company really wants, Thats why i find this job best match for me.
  • I am Experienced in Retail and Had all Skills that required to join Dunnes stores,
  • i want to grow my career with the organization like Dunnes who completely Care of Their Employees.

What are the Core Values of Dunnes stores?

Dunnes Stores is a supermarket chain. these core values are given below!

  • Skill
  • Accumulated Experience
  • Devotion to purpose
  • Willingness to be judged

Dunnes Stores Customer Service Interview Questions

How would you define Excellent Customer Service?

Customer service is the main pillar of any Retail business, and Dunnes stores had a Complete focus on Excellent customer service. In this question, the interviewer wants to know, “How important is customer service to you? There are Some ideas that help you to Prepare your answer about Excellent customer service.

  • Clean invironment is first good Impression to the customers
  • You should actively responsive, “when customers need your help.
  • Most of Customer Won’t like wait at checkout, “Fast Checkout process is example of Excellent customer service.

How would you Deal with Angry or confused Customers?

The interviewer may ask this question to Reclearify your Customer Services capabilities, So Be careful and prepare this answer, if you face any angry or upset customer what your immediate Action Should be followed examples below.

  • If i find Confused customer, i will immediately Go to the customer, and offer posible help to find out what customer looking for.
  • When i Face Angry Customer, I will deal Calmfuly and try to communicate well to find and Solve the issue.