Have You Received an Interview invitation from Coles, Do you find out what Questions Could be asked in the interview?

So you are at Right Place, As Coles is Grocery and Fast Food Supermarket Chain they Required Candidates with Customer Services skills, and Need the Best Communications Skills From you. So you will Learn All Basic Questions and How-To Answer at Coles interview

Coles interivew questions and answers
company:Coles Supermarket
Headquarter:Hawthorn East, Australia
Total Interview Questions:Up-to 20 Questions
Interviewer Type:The Flatter or The Introvert
Total Employees:112,269

Coles Interview Questions and Answers.

Tell us about yourself?

This is an important question in an interview. Begin your speech with a smiling face and end by expressing gratitude to the listeners. The right introduction should not be too long or too short. your introduction does not have to be completely technical or professional .talk about things you want to achieve a few years down the line. In interviews body language is key, start your introduction following some of these tips.

  • You want to start at a point in the past about your educational history.
  • Professional background.
  • Talk about your past experiences, your passion and your smart goals.
  • You may want to briefly mention hobbies.

What is your Greatest Strength?

The best way to respond to this question is to impress the interviewer and describe the skills as Your strength, “and the experience that you have which is directly correlated with the job you are applying for, Therefore reassure the interviewer that you have the experienced skills to do this job. some answers are described below:

  • My greatest strength is my listening skill. I have previously worked in retail and i have found that listening is the key when working with customers.
  • I feel I serve Customers in Batter way and this is my Biggest Strength, “I have five years of experience as a customer service associate.
  • I have special communication skills that help to understand and resolve customer issues effectively.

What is Your Biggest Weakness?

  • There is no need to worry about sharing your weakness.
  • But select the Right Weakness that is not essential for the Job role.
  • Talk about the solution or your strategy to tackle the weakness.
  • Sample: I Feel Trouble while multitasks at the same time, i am Practicing and listening the online TED shows to learn about Multitasks and multi-challenges.

Why should we hire you?

The most challenging question you could face, when the organization is conducting interviews, they will normally select the person who best exemplifies the specific qualities they are looking for. Here are some tips you can use and adjust to your situation and specific job.

  • I have polite and effective customer service abilities.
  • I have all the skills and experiences listed in the job description.
  • I am very hardworking.
  • A quick learner.
  • I am skilled at communication skills.
  • I enjoy facing challenges.
  • I am very flexible and passionate to learning new things.

What you can tell us about Coles Supermarket?

Coles Supermarket Hiring manager Can Ask this question to know about your knowledge Related to the company, they also can judge that you are not a random candidate.

Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd exchanged as Coles, is an Australian store, retail, and buyer administrations chain, settled in Melbourne as a feature of the Coles Group.

  • Coles Supermarket was founded in 1914 in Collingwood, Australia.
  • The old names was George Coles between (1884 to 1962), George James Coles and in (1977) Company Changed the name to Coles Supermarket.
  • Fast Foods, Bakery items, are the best Product from Coles Supermarket.
  • The company offer 20% and 50% Discounts in Coupons.
  • Coles Supermarket has total 2,500 stores in the Australia.
  • “Value the Australian Way” is Coles Supermarket slogan.

Tell us about the Competitors of Coles Supermarkets.

Coles Supermarket is known for selling Foods & Grocery Products Company has Some Competitors in the country. Spinneys Supermarket is the top competitor they are known for selling Fast Foods and Bakery products. More Competitors are Listed.

  • Spinneys Supermarkets
  • Woolworths Group
  • Giant Eagle
  • OnCue.

Why do you want to work at Coles?

You have to find the best aspects that will be provided from ONCUE that you have missed in the previous job. If you are not worked at any company then you should show your communication skills or other skills which overwhelm the company. Some sample answers are given for you:

  • The COLES will provide me the difict that i have missed in my previous job.
  • I feel that my career growth is very slow in previous position. I want to grow my carrer better at COLES.

How would you deal with a customer who is angry with your co-worker?

  • If we had a Customer who is angry over my co-worker i will ask them to calm down.
  • I will try to handle issue respectfully, and remain Calm.
  • I will Follow Coles policies first, “what they allow us to deal with these kind of Customers.
  • If required i will call the security,

What are the Core Values of Coles Supermarket?

Coles is an Australian supermarket and retail their success depends on these core values.

  • Look ahead
  • Energies everyone
  • Deliver
  • Pride

What are your Salary Expectations?

  • Be Transparent if You are Sharing Your Previous Job Salary
  • Its Recommended that you to take some salary research on Jobs at Coles.
  • I am Currently Earning $2400 at the same position in Giant Eagle And Expecting Slightly High.
  • I believe my Hard work and Experienced Skills Will help me in the Increase of My salary.

Do you have You Vehicle or will use Transport?

  • Yes, I have my Personel Bike / Car.
  • No, I don’t have my vehicle but I will use public transport to get to work.

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Averege salary at Coles

Coles has a Total of 112,269 Employees according to Resources in 2020 and an Estimated $38.18 Billion AUD in Revenue in a total of 2019, They Pay Effective salaries Ranging From $3,708 to $8,735 Per month To their Employees of Different Roles More Details Bellow. These listed salaries are average as reported.

Job RoleSalaries Per Month
Night filler$4,992
Retail Sales Associate$5,013
Warehouse Worker$5,877
Order Picker$3,487
Forklift Operator$6,157
Online Manager$3,708
Duty Manager$5,818
Bakery Assistant$4,576
Night Team Member$5,200

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